February 7, 2012

Dear Little Sisters Neurofeedback Center,

            Just want to express my gratitude for all the wonderful neurofeedback sessions.  I was a skeptic and only tried it out because the first session was free.

            On the first session I thought I was high on drugs again.  I hadn’t done any drugs since 1982.  I didn’t like that.  I was waiting for the crash!  I got in my car to drive and was careful.  I wasn’t sure if I was ready for traffic.  To my surprise my drive went smooth and easy.  It seemed like I was having a dream and a good one at that.  It made me smile!

            I wasn’t in a hurry any longer and started to notice things like a squirrel in a tree.  Things seemed at peace and people I met were smiling at me.  So I checked my zipper and it was up. Haha!          I felt relaxed as the day went by.  I’m used to depression and negative thoughts and didn’t want to let go of them because they were my life for the past 30+ years.  That was the norm.

            Calvin Johnson asked me “how was that first session?” a week later.  And I told him “it was like being high again only no crash afterwards.  But I had given up drugs.  And I didn’t want to be dependent on neurofeedback.”  He finally convinced me to try another free session.  I was bound and determined not to get high anymore and kept my guard up!  It was a matter of principals.  No more drugs!

            Second session went by and it didn’t go as smooth as the first.  But during the next week I could tell I was less anxious and things that kept me in bed didn’t seem so serious and after an hour or two I was over them (instead of days).

            Being German I felt I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money watching a computer generated video game which I seem to have little or no control of.  After all I tried yoga, meditation, and relaxing audios, (which I started using again in conjunction with neurofeedback on my own later in to the experience).  As the weekly sessions went by I never had a repeat of being high, but my weeks seem less paranoid and more organized.  I could judge I was doing better because of my mahjong game on my Kindle… the times to complete the layouts were getting much better.  I could stay focused.

            Just this week in the middle of the session it just clicked, this neurofeedback stuff really works!  Try it.  You won’t be sorry! :-)

Recovering Neurotic

p.s. I’m a Vietnam veteran and was hospitalized for mental problems with a month left in my four year hitch and a few days.   I spent five months there.  Thought I’d never get out.  It seems like I finally got out with neurofeedback.  Calvin Johnson is dedicated to helping vets.

This is a Class Act and Calvin needs you, not Uncle Sam this time.  LOL